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Do's and Don'ts


Do have a specific question or challenge in mind when submitting proposal to MASTERMIND. 

Do provide as much background and detail as possible when submitting proposal to MASTERMIND.

Don't solicit any MASTERMIND for business or employment.

Do provide feedback of the conference within 3 days.

Do add payment method first, in order to schedule a conference. This assures MASTERMINDS that you're able to pay the conference fee.


Don't accept conference requests that are unclear.

Don't accept conference requests outside the scope of your expertise.

Do offere a reason if you refect a conference request.

Do provide your feedback of the conference within 3 days.


Who can be a Member?

Anyone who wishes they can speak directly to an expert who lives the challenge/question you are facing, can be a Member.  You can be: someone with an idea, a Startup founder, a small business owner, a mid to large size company employee, a Fortune 500 executive.  

Who can be a MASTERMIND?

To be a MASTERMIND you must 1, Work for an approved Company in the platform, and 2, Be approved by your Company Admin for participation.

Who is the Company Admin?

Each approved Company has a Company Admin who oversees the use of this platform for the Company.  Company Admins have the ability to: register MASTERMINDS from their Company directly, delete MASTERMIND accounts, set and edit MASTERMIND rates, decide the Charity, and decide the percentage of each MASTERMIND conference going to Charity.

What are MASTERMIND Points?

After each conference a survey is sent to the Member and MASTERMIND.  The MASTERMIND has the ability to earn a maximum of 100 points per conference based on the Member's evaluation.

How are MASTERMIND Points used?

MASTERMIND Points are a way to publicly demonstrate the effectiveness of the MASTERMIND in this setting.  MASTERMINDS accumulate points (never lose them) and have the ability to apply them towards Incentive Partner offerings when the required amount is achieved.

What are Incentive Partners?

Incentive Partners are companies who have agreed to offer their product at a discount to MASTERMINDS who achieve the required amount of MASTERMIND Points.


Disclaimer- The views and ideas of each individual MASTERMIND come from their personal experience and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of their employer.  Any advice acted upon by a Member is solely based on their own discretion.