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On these philosophies, this platform rests.

“No matter who you are most of the smartest People work for someone else.” Joy’s Law 

"It's better to create an ecology that gets all the world’s smartest people toiling in your garden for your goals. If you rely solely on your own employees, you’ll never solve all your customers' needs." Bill Joy

"In any given sphere of activity most of the pertinent knowledge will reside outside the boundaries of any one organization, and the central challenge is to find ways to access that knowledge." Richard Pettinger 

"Here are some interesting facts about the Mastermind which give you an idea of how important it is and how necessary that you embrace this principle and make use of it in attaining success in your chosen occupation. First of all, it is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, [and] the influence...in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.” Napoleon Hill

"Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Chinese Proverb

"People who are experts in a topic, and whose business it is to sell that expertise, have agendas and incentives that typically don't align with the buyer." Freakonomics

"Helping others without expecting anything in return. If you’re a giver at work, you simply strive to be generous in sharing your time, energy, knowledge, skills, ideas, and connections with other people who can benefit from them." Adam Grant

"When I get stuck, I have a handful of people I usually can call, and say let me just talk to you for ten minutes, I just to need to verbally express this, I need you to ask me a couple of questions, and I can move on with this. so i have this structure where i can help myself get unstuck pretty quickly and these interactions can be highly preoductive because I know what kind of thing I'm looking for, and I'm open to changing my frame of mind dramatically based on what the person i'm talking to offers as insights." Bryan Johnson

"Execution is strategy. It's all about the people and the doing, not the talking and the theory." Tom Peters

"A consulting firm like Accenture, not only does it lack a distinctive mission of its own, but individual consultants are regularly dropping in and out of companies to which they have no long-term connection whatsoever." Peter Thiel

"In the startup world, there simply isn't enough talent to go around. Fewer than 1% of engineers in the U.S. are unemployed, and companies are all competing for what limited talent is available." AngelList 

"Trade makes innovation a cumulative phenomenon. Lack of trade may well be what held back the otherwise intelligent Neanderthals. It is certainly what held back many isolated human tribes in competition with those that could draw upon much wider sources of innovation. Instead of relying on your own village for innovation, you can get ideas from elsewhere. I make use of thousands of brilliant innovations every day. Very few of them were made in my own country, let alone my own village." Matt Ridley

"Most of the little tricks and short cuts that industrialists follow to achieve their results remain in their heads. Even the most explicit paper or patent application fails to reveal nearly enough to help another to retrace your steps through the maze of possible experiments. One study of lasers found that blueprints and written reports were quite inadequate to help others copy laser design: You had to go and talk to people who had done it." Matt Ridley